Health Care Products & Documents Translation Services

Health Care Products & Documents Translation Services

Medical Website Translation also known in a broader sense by the name of location. It is one of the most complex specialties within the world of Medical Product translations and requires that it be performed by true experienced professional translators and is not advisable to entrust this work to anyone.

As indicated in the official definition, translate or locate a product or service entails having to apply modifications and adaptations to the original text to create a service or product that is perfectly understandable and can be marketed on the market objective intends to achieve.

To achieve this, only it is not simply translate, since we must also take into consideration aspects of culture, the use of colors, customs, traditions or religion, for example. Also we must present technical and practical aspects such as the direction of writing, fonts or used alphabet.

The Medical translation or localization is a really complex and sensitive, involving different skills in the process and requiring much experience in coordination in the different phases of the process.

In all translation and localization project, it is not only enough to transcribe the original text into the target language; the success of a website translated into one or several languages depends largely on different aspects that we must bear in mind:

The original texts have to adapt to the language rules and the culture of the language or target country.

The tone and style of the information must conform to technical schemes and requirements of the public style or market to which we want to go.

All the graphics and multimedia elements must be modified to conform to the requirements of linguistic and cultural communication.

Sitemap format must be kept in mind and should be fully compatible with the original graphical distribution. We must also meet the requirements for the correct positioning of directories, search engines and mobile devices.

Why should I translate my website?

It can be summarized in one simple sentence: you need to translate your website to get more customers and get more benefits. We must bear in mind that our website is the showcase of the company before 2,500 millions of Internet users.

You must transmit and show clearly our message, products and/or services, and ultimately the image of our company. Therefore, the localized versions of our website must meet this task regardless of the language or origin of the visitor or potential customer.

Without a doubt, today is essential to have a corporate website to learn about our business and get new clients. Therefore the quality of its text and its corresponding translation and web are vital to your business.

The page of a precise company of a major investment of time and therefore money. The visual factor aside, keep in mind that what is really important are the words, i.e. the text. He is actually which represents and sells the product or service. It is that describes and tells things about your company. It is essential to devote determination, effort and time in the drafting and Medical translation of texts to achieve the main goal of your web site: get more customers.

You will agree with us that before hiring a particular service or buy a product, it is usual to you before reports via the Internet from the well-being of your home or from your office. Which means that inevitably becomes the best showcase of your business web site.

Ask yourself the following question: would buy something at a store if it is chaotic, dirty and foul? And if in addition the description of items or services are poorly written or in a language that you don’t understand?

Probably you go immediately out without buying anything. As online it happens exactly the same, we have no time to lose in search and search what you want to buy. If our potential customer not found in your language you are looking for a clear, precise and understandable, with a simple click will leave our site never to return.

You have a website translated into one or several languages, within the process of internationalization of an enterprise, is an absolute necessity. One of the most important aspects of a business is the time (and therefore money) that it is reversed, so it is vital that texts and their respective translations should be the highest quality.

We remind you once again that in modern times the web portal of a company is one of the essential elements for business expansion. For this reason, a perfectly translated and adapted, text is the best tool and cover letter that you have at your fingertips.

According to recent studies, it has been detected that a website with patent errors in his translation (in the description of products or services, both in terms of shipping or payment) carries a volume of sales lower by 40% with respect to a website with your texts translated and adapted.

This same study reveals that 80% of Spanish companies that request the Products translation of your website, make it into English; followed by the French, German and Russian. Within the Spanish market, the most demanded by order languages are Catalan, Basque and Galician. So it can be seen that many companies also considered very important to fully connect with your customers on the domestic market.

There are several reasons why Spanish companies choose to hire the services of professional online translation service and discarded translations, but stands out clearly the intention to ensure the transmission of the original message and have no spelling or grammatical errors.

Also, this is due to a question of corporate image, since a well translated web page provides a sense of professionalism, clarity in its communication and a willingness to strive for an empathy with the client.

Aspects to take into account the Medical website translation.

It is not for nothing advisable to do risk losing potential customers that your web site has texts of poor, neglected or badly translated, to convey that it is not clear and that there has been behind an effort to communicate and transmit the content correctly.

It is possible that your services or products are of high quality and really good, but If prospective customers do not understand the descriptions or other texts, obviously not going to buy. Or worse still: it is possible that they understand them, but due to the large number of spelling errors or grammatical errors you think is not given importance to the image itself.

So… How are you going with that of your products, services or your customers? These aspects can derail irremediably your business.

Usually, the localization or translation web appropriate, includes not only the text that the user can read, but also everything that exists in the Meta tags, graphics, images, multimedia, buttons and other elements of a website.

A good location must also include the appropriate integration of additional languages in the web site map, which involves the updating of the corresponding links.

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