Most Popular Good Morning My Love Quotes

Most Popular Good Morning My Love Quotes

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I do not run more behind a happy life. But living the joys and Max they lead me happiness.

Love is care. It is reciprocity. Otherwise it is a waste of time. To appreciate! Life is short, girl.

I cannot ruin my day just by being bad tempered and angry, it does not improve nor change my life at all. I will try to rejoice

I feel a volcano
Wanting to hatch.

I find myself thinking about her, like all day … and I thank God for having it placed in my path of stones, the stones have always existed here but what I lacked was even a sturdy shoe, she brought me!
Today ground is firm, I see the way flowers and the sun shone again.

Do not let the sadness invade your heart,
remembering me …
think of how many times your joy,
your affection
and your Love,
made ​​me Smiling!

“Maturity is to belong to himself and thus, only thus can gladly share with whomever you choose and the way you want, not allowing anything or anyone steal your peace.”

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“Maturity is knowing how to be child inside, keeping the child’s soul, but at the same time a wise person, keep your feet on the ground and stop the heart in the chest.”

You are different … It has the lightness of the breeze and the secrets of the sea … A charism touch in his eyes and an intense shine to your smile … and his face me the joy and desire in the form of affection. that his wife girlish makes me enchants me …

Spring!!! Time to allow bloom! Live and be happy!

That in each of our moments we can find joy and peace!

That every day we share friendships and caresses truly sincere and they bring us peace, love, much joy!

Open Heart windows and let all that is good in … a lot of happiness … love and affection!

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A beautiful week end, it’s time to thank you for all these wonders and lessons we had! Is coming a weekend of rest and peace for us!

Beautiful weekend for you!
May you have joy in his way and smiles, radiant heart of people and they can share light and love with your soul!

Sweet night … we can rest in the serenity of peace and strengthen our faith … in the hope of a new day of blessing and joy!

another day full of emotions that comes to an end! A beautiful week to coming … a lot of harmony and serenity for you!

Sweet Evening Peace!
In each light a request, each charm is a prayer … for peace … the hope … the love … humility … … is the fraternity by our faith! Eternal and unshakable trust in God!
Kisses and caresses angels!

The most effective cure for stress is certainly the smile.

We are looking at the smile that encourage the other …

“My soul cries out to you the Father. Because you alone can give me peace and refrigerator to my spirit …
Jehovah jarrah here’s your daughter. I am your vessel. Enable me more and more under Your anointing … Contemplating Your glory. Amen ” ─By Bunny

To help someone, they are not required great attitudes, but small gestures made of heart, for it is these that bring comfort and joy to the soul.

True happiness is not in things, is not in the other, one must first get it within yourself, otherwise will becomes empty and impossible to reach it.

And if all goes well and the Lord bless you in a way that reaches fame and success, do not forget ever that He put it where you are, so honor him more and more and for sure you will be happy, famous and important and his blessing will be on you, always.

Has crush that makes you cry with any beautiful music. And it is usually pain, not of joy not.

Let’s enjoy the daylight brightens to enter the tune of harmony and we can live these moments with joy

Because it is simple to be happy. This is one of the watchwords of my life and who gives me such happiness, God is the author of my faith.

I held firm in my hands, looked right at her deep breath and said softly, “Thank you for always being with me and hear my failed fantasies of love”, there then to open very carefully and poured myself a double cowboy.

I thought about running after her … but today is second to lazy to eat.

When you weep with those who weep you win pride when you rejoice with those who rejoice, you win envy.

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