Translation, Revision and Proofreading Translations of Medical Products

Translation, Revision and Proofreading Translations of Medical Products

Prices for translated text include translation, editing and proofreading of texts, performed by qualified linguists and experienced Auditors of translations. Our services include the revision of translations, carried out by an independent expert at no additional cost.

We also offer control of translations produced from disparate sources.

Proofreading and editing of translations from other sources

Our agency is used to working on the texts translated from other sources to ensure a higher quality of the final product. You can be entrusted to a competent body, internal personnel resources or simply to a friend: for us it makes no difference! We will provide you with audit services and changes needed to obtain more accurate, consistent, reliable jobs and grammatically correct.

The correction of translated texts is a service provided by our agency and used to monitor and troubleshoot completed translation documents. Whether you want to recheck the translated text or you are not satisfied with the original translation, our auditors of translations will be ready to examine your documentation.

We can start with ideas and insights and change the text, adapting it to the reality under examination. Our experts will carry out a complete revision of the documentation based on the criteria of accuracy, style, punctuation, grammar, readability, consistency, cultural issues, etc. Our control of the translations is designed to help our customers in every phase of a project.

Don’t run the risk of publishing an unverified translation to 100%. Reprint, republish and redistribute text is an expensive operation and may harm your image in the eyes of the target market, not to mention the time lost in the process.

will provide extra insurance that you need before publication of the content.

Proofreading of translated texts

We offer the service of proofreading of Chinese translations as fully as possible: a careful glance on coherence, the tone and content of the texts is at the heart of our service review.

The service includes an analysis of the content, organization, coherence, the tone and style of the text. In addition, we can offer a double check aimed at revealing mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization.